Our Heritage

With over twenty years experience in Residential Property Management we are able to apply a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the management of our Properties. All of our staff attend regular professional development seminars and courses to keep us up to date in our Sector and the Industry in general.

Our Mission

To manage our clients’ properties with expertise and to support their communities with care and diplomacy at all times. We are always aware that your Property is not only your investment but also a home.

Our staff are all committed to the principle of equality regardless of race, creed, colour, nationality, sex or disability.

In our dealings with our clients we apply policies and procedures which are fair, equitable and consistent with the skills and abilities of our team members and the needs of the property.
Our aim is to provide a high quality, competitively priced and comprehensive service, whatever the size of the property.

Our Client Impact

We have many client blocks that have been under our Management for in excess of 20 years. We have evolved our service to meet their requirements in light of new technological developments and the increasing age of their buildings.

Our clients are happy to enjoy their property and to rely on our diplomacy and skills if and when problems arise.