A Summary of the Income and Expenditure in relation to the service charge for a property needs to be prepared and certified in accordance with the Lease terms and the Law. Usually this summary also needs to be independently audited.

The certified account needs to be circulated to all contributing Leaseholders, with provision made for inspection of documents and photocopying by appointment.

It is important that this summary is separate from any Company accounts as it represents funds held on trust for the Lessees and not owned by the Company.

We prepare this summary from the accounts records kept by us and submit it for independent certification. 


Independent of the service charge accounts, Company Accounts need to be prepared and filed at Companies House. 

We liaise with the independent Accountants to produce relevant Company Accounts and for them to be filed online. 

Both sets of accounts are circulated for approval and tabled at the Annual General Meeting of the Company.

Preparation of the Summary and liaison with the Accountants is charged on a per flat per annum basis. The fees of the Accountant are charged to the fund as a separate cost.