There are many types of Company that may be involved in Property Management. A  freeholder may be a Property Developer or a Management Company with some or all of the Lessees as Shareholders or Members. A Residents Management Company may be the freeholder or just have the Right to Manage the property granted by the Lease terms.

Whatever the status of your Company you will need to file an Annual Return to Companies House and to file Annual Accounts reflecting the financial status of your Company.

With a Residents Management Company or Right to Manage Company you will also need to reflect any changes of ownership in the Shareholders or Members, issuing new Certificates and keeping the Company records up to date.

We are registered with the Companies House online system enabling digital filing of accounts and returns and immediate notification of resignation or appointment of Directors.

We also provide a Registered Office for our managed blocks and all notifications come directly to us for action.

We keep a digital share register for each Company recording changes as soon as they happen.

Once a year we will call, attend and minute the Annual General Meeting of your Company. As part of our full management services this is included. 

If part of a menu Service an additional menu fee is payable for AGM attendance.