The legal framework for the management of Leasehold property is the Lease itself. Leases can be ambiguous in their terms and this can lead to differences in opinion as to interpretation and application.

In addition to this many leaseholders who are members of a Freeholding Management Company feel that the lease can be disregarded. This,of course, is not correct.

Non payment of service charges can cause disputes between neighbours when non payment leads to a Court Action or restriction in services.

We establish a framework for mediation and communication early on in any dispute. Often problems occur as one party does not understand the implications of their action or inaction and we work to communicate this in a fair way. 

Sometimes however disputes cannot be resolved, and in some cases Leases are so unclear in their terms that a legal decision is needed to be able to manage a property effectively.

There are many areas in which disputes can arise but the more common are :

  • Non payment of Service Charges
  • Unclear clear Lease terms
  • Fairness of Service Charges
  • Breaches of Lease such as noise nuisance or other anti social behaviour.


Wherever possible we aim to resolve disputes before formal action is necessary and costs incurred. If this is not possible we take firm action either through the Courts or Tribunal Services to achieve a solution.