There are some duties that we undertake  that are not chargeable to the Service Charge Fund as they are in relation to dealings with the individual properties.

When flats or houses change hands we are contacted by solicitors to answer contractual pre sale enquiries. These are in a standard format with additional enquiries specific to the property. We produce a pre sale pack including replies to the standard enquiries , documents in support of our replies and completion formalities and forms to ensure a smooth transfer to the new owners.

If alterations are required to individual properties consent is needed under the terms of the Lease. This involves inspection of the proposals to ensure that they are safe, are being carried out by qualified people and that they will not impact detrimentally on other properties. 

If alterations are discovered for which consent has not been asked for, retrospective consent must be obtained. This will involve a surveyor visiting site and liaising with the owner as to any modifications or reinstatement required.