Sometimes a Block or Estate will fall into disrepair which is beyond resolution in the short term. This calls for a refurbishment programme to be put in place involving prioritisation of works, payment plans for often large service charge contributions with an underlying basis budget to ensure that day to day services are maintained .

We have undertaken many programmes of this type and understand the need to weigh protection of the fabric of the buildings with the affordability of the payments required and the living environment of the residents.

This type of programme requires effective team work between us, the Management Company and the Leaseholders to achieve what is required within the shortest possible time.

This does need to be realistic, there is no point in setting a service charge payment to refurbish a property in the short term if you have to repossess half of the flats in order to collect the payments. On the other hand you cannot ignore problems that are causing damage to other parts of the building or individual flats and provision needs to be built in for temporary repairs and solutions.

A long term plan showing how and when each area will be tackled gives confidence to the Leaseholders to contribute and the Managers opportunity to attract the best prices for works.