The majority of our clients are Companies whose shareholders or members are the Leaseholders of the flats in the property. Some of these Companies are also the Freeholder of the property.

They all have a responsibility for maintenance of the property and the service charge fund which requires knowledge and resources which they usually do not have.

We works as a team with our client Companies to ensure that they retain control of the decisions being made, but with the benefit of professional advice and guidance. 

Our full management service gives our clients the benefit of our expertise and resources whilst keeping control of the way in which the block is managed.

We offer flexibility in the way that we report and the levels to which we need authorisation. We provide a dedicated website for each of our Blocks giving a high level of communication with all Leaseholders and a forum for contact and discussion between them.

The fixed fee per flat per annum for our full management service enables accurate budgeting and security in the knowledge that we are on board for any issues or problems that occur at the property.